Expedia Work Samples

User Experience Designer, October 2010 - March 2011

I was hired to help redesign the tools agents use when customers phone a call center to update their travel. I jumped in after the wireframing had started, but documented workflows for the parts I worked on. I also worked directly with SME (subject matter experts) and agents to validate any work that I did. The final deliverables were Axure wireframes and a very large specification document. Then I left for Amazon.

The flows, below, are based on scenarios created in collaboration with SMEs and agents in call centers.

A few Axure screens.

This is an agent's screen before signing into the application:

This is an agent's dashboard. It includes ideas for providing performance statistics. A goal was to show these stats in a non-competitive (gamify) manner:

Here are a few screens when an agent is on a customer call:

While most of the interaction takes place in the main browser window, so information comes in popup windows: