Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Senior UX Designer, March 2011 - September 2014

My role:

As a User Experience Designer for AWS, I created the UX for web-based cloud computing applications, mostly working on database and big data computing services. I worked with small teams comprised of developers, product managers, and technical program managers to strategize, conceptualize, design, and develop a variety of AWS Management Console Services in Agile development environment. I collaborated with my peer designers, executives, marketing, technical writers on console design (the shell hosting the services) and overall UX strategy. As part of a larger UX Team, we worked collaboratively on projects to drive consistency between services and to define a UI pattern library to guide and expedite development.

Services Created:

Redshift, DynamoDB, EMR, SQS, ElastiCache, as well as other TBA services

Services Updated:

EC2, S3, RDS, Route 53, VPC, ELB, EBS, SWF, more

Design Tools Used:

Tools: Axure, Balsamiq, Photoshop, HTML/CSS, Jira

Our process:

Often a service was available as a command line tool, but the "GUI" did not exist (it was not available in the Management Console). Providing services via the Management Console allowed companies to reduce costs by assigning maintenance tasks to less expensive non-developers. It also gave non-technical employees the ability to monitor usage, etc., without needing to use developer time.

The product design and development process started with white board sessions with the core product team. I encouraged teams to create "typical users" and we developed scenarios to guide the design process. From there I created workflows. After iterating and agreeing on the flows I began Axure wireframes. As our User Research team grew over the time I was at AWS, we might also have research data to inform our hypotheses, and usability testing with my Axure wireframe prototypes. We also used the Axure prototypes in executive reviews of product plans, and as specifications. I reviewed release candidates and logged bugs and feature requests in Jira.